Friday 18 July 2014

Oh dear...

I don't know whether anyone still reads this blog and I don't plan to share the link like I normally do. I just need to get the words down to help me make the changes I need to make in order to avoid serious health issues in the future.

This morning I put on the only pair of jeans that has been comfortable in recent weeks. They are no longer comfortable and no longer fit properly.

I am going to a wedding in 3 weeks time and because of my weight gain this year I will need to buy a new suit. Lots of places sell nice suits, but none of them fit me. To get one in the right size from M&S I need to order it in. When I do get that suit it will be the largest I have ever owned. For now...

If I don't get better at watching what I eat and don't start getting regular exercise then the only way is up weightwise. That means that I would be more likely to have heart problems and more likely to develop diabetes.

I need to do something and need to do it now.

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